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This site was renewed in July 2008. The new novel Spremeni me was just published. Two interviews were added, along with some new links and data.
During the update of the page, Einstuerzende Neubauten were playing their song Nagorny Karabah.

Additional update in November 2008 added some more responses to the   Spremeni me novel and announced the Turkish translation of Skinswaps.
During the update, Ceu sang Roda.

Update in June 2009 was mainly dedicated to the announcement of the shortlist for the  "best Slovenian novel in 2008" contest which included Spremeni meHabib Koite sang Wassiye.

November 2009, Saj razumeš? (You Do Understand) was published, as well as new translations into German and Turkish. During the update, Sonic Youth were playing The Eternal from a 180g vynil record!

October 2012.
After so many small updates, I reconstructed the first (summary) page and, of course, made many more small updates. The National's Afraid of Everyone played from the hard disc thru media server, D/A converter etc - not an easy time for audiophiles!

December 2013.
Very small modifications, including the announcement of new English and Turkish editions. CD sounds again, some ambiental electronic by Amon Tobin.

February 2019.
First editing after a vey long time. Many disappeared links deleted, some new added. No music in the background at this early hour.

November 2020.
Can't believe I'm still editing this old website, myself. Two books that were published in 2020 added. Music? I made some sounds on my gong and put it thru reverb into looper. It fits fine.

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Ta stran je bila postavljena januarja 2002. / This page was launched in January, 2002.
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